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Dr. Taner DANIŞMAN at EyeCheckup Advisory Board

Dear Lecturer of Akdeniz University Dr. Taner DANIŞMAN, shared his knowledge about Artificial Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Dataset Analysis and CNN visualization with URAL Telekom for our Artificial Intelligence supported eye examination system EyeCheckup. As URAL Telekom family, we thank him for joining our advisory board.

Software Test Automation Consultancy

We have successfully held one of our monthly meetings with MobiRoller software company, which we provide software test automation consultancy. We worked on both making the software suitable for testing and testability studies. We are continuing to provide software test automation consultancy to MobiRoller software company.


Performans ile Dayanıklılık ilişkisi
Performance and Endurance relationship

Performance improvement often leads to increased endurance. Likewise, decreased performance can be a symptom of possible durability issues. During our analysis and reviews, suggestions are also made on the performance optimization and fault tolerance of the system.

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Since 2000, our team has been developing public service systems, critical air-traffic control (ATC) systems, as well as high scale web and mobile applications with millions of users. URAL Telekom develops medical and telecommunications systems, provides software performance and legacy software migration consultancy services.