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Software Architectural Migration Consultancy

Our experienced team is always with you to reduce the risks in your transition process.

Software performance optimization

We are here to solve performance problems by examining the whole process

Yazılım performans optimizasyonu

System Scalability Optimization

We share our experience of developing systems with millions of users.

Yazılım test otomasyonu

Fault-tolerant Systems consulting

By making your systems fault-proof, we ensure that you get a good night's sleep.

Hataya dayanıklılık çalışmaları

Software Test Automation

We refactor your code towards testability then adapt test pipeline to your systems and make your development cycle automated from compiling to deployment.

Testable Software Development Training

Programcılar “kodumuz test edilemez” derler, doğru çünkü kod yanlış .

PHP Unit Test Training

PHP Unit Testing. PHP Unit Testing. PHP Unit Testing. .

Java Unit Testing Training

Java Unit Testing. Java Unit Testing. Java Unit Testing. .

FailSafe Software Development Training

Yazılımın kırılganlığını azaltabilir, her değişiklikte hata vermesini engelleyebilirsiniz

.NET Unit Test Training

.NET Unit Test eğitimi .NET Unit Test eğitimi

About us

Since 2000, our team has been developing public service systems, critical air-traffic control (ATC) systems, as well as high scale web and mobile applications with millions of users. URAL Telekom develops medical and telecommunications systems, provides software performance and legacy software migration consultancy services.