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Software Architectural Migration Consultancy

Yazılım mimari geçiş

Management wants to continue releasing new features and reduce number of bugs. Adding new features into current architecture requires too much effort and patches. Software development team wants to reduce the technical debts and fix the bugs, and even rewrite the whole project from scratch!

Rewriting the whole project from scratch is a big risk: Microsoft, Netscape, and many other giants tried this before and failed. Rewriting the code is a capital cost by itself. However, making this new software stable, testing it and making it go into production often becomes even more costly than the development! The old software, however ugly it may be, contains real-life experience and workarounds for many real situations. It is almost impossible to carry this experience into the new software.

Our team, expert in architectural migration, will help you create a roadmap for improving the existing system and assist during the refactoring while facilitting releasing new features.

About us

Since 2000, our team has been developing public service systems, critical air-traffic control (ATC) systems, as well as high scale web and mobile applications with millions of users. URAL Telekom develops medical and telecommunications systems, provides software performance and legacy software migration consultancy services.