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How weWork

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Situation Analysis
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Preparing an Action Plan
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Collaborative Development
Software Architectural Migration Consultancy

We can migrate your architecture while releasing new features on old codebase is continuing.

Software performance optimization

We are here to solve performance problems by examining the whole process

System Scalability Optimization

We share our experience of developing systems with millions of users.

Fault-tolerant Systems consulting

By making your systems fault-proof, we ensure that you get a good night's sleep.


To choose us

A few reasons

Our target is make our customers proud about the services they receive from us. Therefore, we only offer services that produce output with sufficient value.

20+ Years of Solid Experience

Our company, which is located in Antalya Teknokent, is one of the leading companies in the development, improvement and reliability of high-scale systems with millions of users and we share this experience with our customers.

International Awareness

We provide consultancy to multinational companies, give trainings at international software development conferences, and specialize in the latest technologies.

Perfect Result

In order to successfully complete customer requests above expectations; As necessary, we learn the system in depth and make the necessary arrangements with our own hands, and stand by the work until we achieve the perfect result.




Software performance

Try consulting

Let's analyze the situation in a short time and offer suggestions for improvement, and prepare a transition plan together.

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About us

Since 2000, our team has been developing public service systems, critical air-traffic control (ATC) systems, as well as high scale web and mobile applications with millions of users. URAL Telekom develops medical and telecommunications systems, provides software performance and legacy software migration consultancy services.