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Since 2000, our team has been developing public service systems, critical air-traffic control (ATC) systems, as well as high scale web and mobile applications with millions of users. URAL Telekom develops medical and telecommunications systems, provides software performance and legacy software migration consultancy services.

Our mission: To be a company that leads the IT sector by producing useful and reliable applications for humanity in many areas using artificial intelligence, continuously develops with advanced solutions that offer products and services, and stands out with its success in the global arena by keeping customer growth at the highest level.

Our Vision: To be one of the leading IT companies that shape the industry in Turkey and the world with the artificial intelligence-supported products we develop.

Ural Telekom is the

Optomed Aurora® Camera Information:


The Optomed Aurora® IQ handheld fundus camera is designed to examine the retina for a variety of eye diseases which include diabetic retinopathy, AMD, and glaucoma.

This clinically validated non-mydriatic handheld camera brings high-quality retinal and anterior imaging anywhere. For efficiency in screening the camera includes an optional AI analysis that delivers the screening result to the camera display – on the spot.

Weight5 kg
Dimensions16 x 15 x 6 inch
Product ContentAurora IQ camera with WLAN
Retina module
Eye Anterior module
Two battery
Cleaning cloth
Two eye cups
Dual Charger
USB cable

Ready, Set, Done

The Optomed Aurora IQ includes automatic functions that allow you to start imaging right away – without the need to adjust settings.

  • Smart Autofocus: Focuses before you know it​
  • Auto Exposure: Sets the correct illumination level automatically​

After capture you can check the result with the help of Image Quality Indicators.

Save space, travel light​

The Optomed Travel pack is a new accessory designed to fit the essential parts for retinal imaging on the go:​

  • Optomed Handheld Fundus Camera in one piece​
  • Spare batteries​
  • Eye cup​
  • Lens cover​

Our Team

Rim Khazhin



Burak Bilgin Dr.Prof

Prof. Dr. A. Burak BILGIN


Dale Brodsky



Our Quality Policy

All relevant activities of our company are set forth in written documents in line with ISO 13485:2016
Medical Devices Quality Management System.

  • To produce reliable services in compliance with all national and international regulations, standards and regulatory requirements applicable in the industry of software as a medical device,
  • To provide the needed services effectively and efficiently with its trained and experienced personnel, in accordance with the demands and the requirements of the service, within the framework of modern business rules,
  • In order to provide sustainable service at national and international level, to implement the quality management system established in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard, with the participation of all our employees, to ensure continuity in practice, to continuously improve the system in accordance with scientific and technological developments,
  • To ensure that all personnel involved in the work carried out learn the quality documentation and effectively apply the applicable procedures and instructions in their own work,
  • In order to provide useful services to our customers and to find easy-to-use, flexible solutions, the software we have developed with an attitude aiming for perfection, primarily to increase the satisfaction of our customers; To write code to minimize the possibility of making mistakes, to manage customer feedback effectively, to make timely delivery and continuous improvement with the effective use of resources by eliminating processes that do not create value,
  • In order to provide sustainable service at the level of international standards, to provide and carry out applicable conditions by constantly monitoring the effectiveness of the effective Quality Management System in all processes in our institution and by making the necessary improvements,
  • To ensure customer satisfaction with our service quality and offering quality products at affordable costs,
  • Considering the satisfaction of our employees as well as the people and organizations we serve; To ensure that the right, impartial, fast and reliable service is provided at the first time and every time, by adhering to the principle of “confidentiality of information”,
  • Developing preventive approaches that will improve our performance by evaluating our business processes,
  • To adopt the principle of quality in service and continuity in quality, undertakes to ensure the continuity of the quality management system as a management.

General Manager

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