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Software Performance Optimization

Rim Khazhin


Management wants to continue releasing new features and reduce number of bugs. Adding new features into current architecture requires too much effort and patches. Software development team wants to reduce the technical debts and fix the bugs, and even rewrite the whole project from scratch!


Ensuring utilization of software and hardware capacity to the full extent and preventing possible performance issues during system design phase. Analysis of existing or planned information flow and architecture, detection of bottlenecks and adverse performance patterns. It is important to detect these patterns and concurrency issues at the beginning because it is virtually impossible to catch and identify such errors in production.


Analytic modeling methods, distributed event simulation techniques, and root cause analysis are some ot the tools that we use. Our team’s has decade-long experience in optimization of distributed software systems, telecommunication equipment, and medical analysis systems.

Design and improvement of systems having over 10 million users, scaling existing systems for high load conditions. Refactoring systems, algorithms, even databases on Cloud or on-premise is our specialty.


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